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    Collaborative Care is a small traditional Chinese medicine clinic in Chicago that offers highly personalized fertility and pregnancy support; not only do we collaborate with other medical providers to provide you optimal care, we also work hand-in-hand with you, our patient, to create an individualized, integrative treatment plan.

    About Us
  • Collaborative Care Approach

    The most challenging fertility cases are our priority and where we have seen tremendous success as a result of our proprietary monthly treatment program, which includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutritional guidance in a completely personalized and supportive environment. This treatment is effective for patients who have been through many rounds of assisted reproductive technology… [Continue Reading]

    Collaborative Care Approach
  • Collaborative Care Qualified Program

    Ask about our Collaborative Care Qualified Program: the peace of mind of a successful pregnancy through a holistic fertility program or your money back

    Collaborative Care Qualified Program
  • Testimonials

    Former clients and new mothers share their successful holistic fertility testimonials about the unique Collaborative Care approach.


Since founding Collaborative Care in 2007, we have become the leading local traditional Chinese medicine provider for women whose journey to a successful pregnancy has included multiple rounds of IVF.

If you have had more than three or more unsuccessful IVF treatments, Collaborative Care’s personalized, all-inclusive approach will strengthen your reproductive health to optimize your chances of a successful pregnancy. Our proprietary treatment is effective for patients seeking an entirely natural approach to enhancing their fertility, as well as patients using Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) methods.

Patients at Collaborative Care receive the full attention of the same provider at every visit. Jackie O’Neill brings warmth and empathy, along with a highly successful holistic treatment regimen, to support you emotionally and physically while nurturing your reproductive health.

We have two convenient locations, one in Lakeview and the second in the Chicago Loop.

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Natural Fertility Solutions

For patients who meet the selection criteria and choose to engage in our Qualified Program, we offer eligible patients the peace of mind that comes from high rates of success, plus a full refund of our fee if they do not become pregnant after completing the program in compliance with the requirements. To learn more about our Qualified Program, and Month-to-Month treatment plans, please contact us.

Meg’s Success Story

Prior to coming to Collaborative Care, Meg had undergone four rounds of IVF; with an unsuccessful first attempt, the second attempt ending in miscarriage, and the third resulting in a pregnancy with their first child. When trying to conceive their second child, Meg underwent a fourth IVF cycle that was unsuccessful. Meg’s insurance would cover one final IVF attempt, so she decided to take a break and explore other treatment options.

After coming to Collaborative Care, within five months, Meg was able to get pregnant naturally, without the need for additional IVF.

Collaborative Care is here for you.

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